Successful Marketing Plan

4 Tips to Successful Marketing Plan Content

1. Content Consumption

Build awareness in the minds of your prospects and customers is essential to improve the conversion rate and lead to sales. So the first step is to direct them into your content pages and get the target that customers will consume the content in your article. Using reverensi like Hitstats Counter, you can see the traffic situation on your web page.

The total number of visitors
Number of new visitors

2. Sharing Into Social Media

Then, you need to pay attention to how people engage with the content on your website. If the article content you deliver what people expect, they probably will stay longer on your website, navigate to another page and share your content on social media. By keeping track of your involvement in social media then you will find prospective customer preference and this will help you to make the article better. You can measure the following review below to find out the level of involvement of your content.

The number of visitors who come back
Session Duration
Pages / Session
Bounce rate
Together URL
Inbound links
The amount of Social Media Interaction (As, Share, +1, etc.)
The number of comments (blogs and social media)

3. Conversion (Lead Generation)

Lead Generation is the act of obtaining prospects have the intention to buy the product / service and create the possibility to make purchases of goods or products or do business online. You have to measure how much content consumption related to lead generation with the criteria below.

Delivery form
The number of customers newsletter
Membership Registration
Number of downloads

4. And the terakhit Sales

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal of marketing content. You might want to put more on tracking results or increase your sales through content marketing but do not forget about 3 metric marketing content we have mentioned above because they are associated with improved sales and increased sales. Measure the increase in sales is not difficult, but it is necessary to think about how your content influences the behavior of purchasing power. You can track the following criteria to measure improvement of your sales below.

Online sales
Relationship Sales
Phone Calls

As you can see above, making the content of the article requires a strategy that meets the conditions of each metric and have a good balance. Even if you are able to bring more people to your web page through a great headline or image, if the content is boring or deviate from the expected topic, it would be difficult to lead sales. We recommend that you make the content of the article as 4 Tips to Successful Marketing Plan Content above.

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